2D & 3D Radiography

EDI provides a comprehensive series of services designed to support your treatment plan. Purchasing x-ray equipment requires a large commitment of both money and space. Time is also required to train staff to produce x- rays of sufficient quality to be diagnostic. Perhaps you can utilize your staff in other areas to enable your practice to grow. As this area is our specialty, quality can be guaranteed.

Optical Scanning

At EDI, we specialize in digital scanning services. Our optical scanning services are compatible with a variety of products including digital orthodontic models, 3D printed resins, Invisalign aligners, SureSmile, Essix retainers, Vivera Retainers, and more. The high-quality scans can also be used to better understand the patient’s anatomy to guide surgical intervention.

Implant Imaging

The i-CAT’s high resolution, volumetric images provide complete three-dimensional views of critical anatomy for a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation to optimize implant treatment and placement, thereby allowing selection of the most suitable implant type, size, location, and angulations prior to surgery.

Orthodontic Records

Orthodontic records are important for establishing an accurate diagnosis and establishing an effective treatment plan. Records are a set of images and models that allow the doctor to get to know the bite relationships, the position of the teeth, and other aspects of the mouth to allow them to make the best treatment decisions. Different types of records are collected from a patient depending on their unique case.

Digital Photography

Photography is an extremely valuable tool for the dental community, and the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than when discussing a patient’s dental concerns.
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